Designed to Need

More than the air I breathe
more than the song I sing
more than the next heartbeat
more than anything…
I need You

I stood among my church family singing this song on Sunday, and all of a sudden the coolest reminder came to me. God designed us to need Him. We were created with a void that we may find full satisfaction in nothing but Him. And I thought, how cool of God, to design us to feel empty without him, because that void causes us to chase after Him. Think about it. When we dont need something, we are less likely to go after it with the same gusto as when we need something. God totally planned that – He is so smart!

I went home and dug into the Word for some gems about being satisfied in the Lord. This week, I find myself really digging Psalm 63:1-5. Here we find David in the desert of Judah, quite thirsty and tired I imagine. And its amazing how He starts off crying out to the Lord…I thirst for You, my whole being longs for you (vs 1). I am someone that puts high value on hydration, so to me its just nuts that David seeks not water, but the Lord – remember, this is in a desert!  He continues by praising the Lord. I especially dig this…I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods. What a proclamation! Although David was thirsty, tired, hot, etc, he was satisfied and content because his confidence was in the Lord and His promises, and IN HIS NEED he presses into the Lord…I cling to You; your right hand upholds me.  

Satisfaction in Him is ours for the taking, we need but to simply tap into our need for Him and press in.




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