I head off to Denver in just 12 days now – it’s now close enough that I’ve begun to count days, haha. It’s been a long wait, as I’ve known about this for the last year, but trusting in the Lord’s timing, surrendering and embracing the season He had me in this last year, makes the coming to pass of this worship school that much sweeter. Worship comes easily in this moment, as I reflect on this year and thank Him for all He’s done, and thank Him for the upcoming season He’s calling me into and committing it to Him. Yesterday I was inspired by my friend Mandi wrote this great blog post the other day noting highlights, things the Lord has done in the last year of her life. So inspired that I decided to write my own list…

-my parents cooking – even though I can cook and I enjoy others’ cooking as well, sometimes nothing hits the spot like mom’s noodle soup or dad’s famous spaghetti

-meeting my nephew. Many moments this year we’ve found ourselves on the kitchen floor, making mini sticks out of kitchen utensils – and in these moments I know I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Sloppy kisses, small hands passing a cracker to me, wanting to share, snuggles on the couch while we watch Franklin, are moments I will miss. The Lord has has used him to teach me to be like a child, find delight and take wonder in seemingly small things, be genuine and brought me many laughs thru this precious boy.

-time with my family – I hadn’t been around my family for a full year at a time since high school. It was great to be present for family holidays, Christmas (first Christmas in Canada since high school), movie dates with my sisters, thanksgiving, dinners with my family, coffee dates with my brother, etc…

-finding a home church. My Lighthouse families is some of the most selfless, generous, loving people I know – it was great to spend time learning from them.

-finding my own place to call home. Living on my own (well, with roomies) was a great way for me to learn more about being responsible with finances, and I got to learn a lot about grace.

-3 different, wonderful employers in the last year. After no success at securing my preferred jobs, I took (aka:settled for) a job at a fast food chain, with the mentality “at least it’s a pay check, it will do for now” And it was cool to see once I was okay with that the Lord found something better 2x. And switching jobs a few times made remaining in 1 place this long easier, as I love change and am used to switching things up every few months.

-praying for a piano and finding one for $25 at a thrift store. God loves me that much, that He would give me a piano even though I would’ve made do without one.

-learning more to abide in Him continuously. Greater intimacy. I love that I can hang with Him throughout my day – I’ve had some sweet times with the Lord while walking, driving, cooking, sitting, lying, lifting weights, etc. He is so so good and I love that encountering Him is not dependent on physical location or what I’m doing.

I’m sure I could write a never-ending list if I thought long enough, but for times’ sake I’ll pause it there.

And to think, I could’ve missed all of this had I not been obedient to Him calling me back to Canada for a season. Shy not away from what may seem like a hard season, for I believe the Lord takes us into challenging seasons that we may draw closer to Him, that we may grow more in our relationship with Him.


2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I like this post 🙂 It is good to look back in our lives and acknowledge all the blessings that God has bestowed on us, He is so awesome!!
    p.s. we are going to miss you when you are gone!!

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