Like a Dandelion

“You just can’t keep a dandelion down…if you’ve got your determination and roots planted deep you can find a way to keep growing.” Today, like most days, I went for a walk and took some pictures – it’s so amazing how vast creation is – I can walk a familiar route and God still reveals new […]


One of my favourite ways to spend time with God is in creation – in it He is uber tangible to me. There is something about a sunrise or mountains that moves me and touches the depths of my soul in ways nothing else can. Today was one of those days where my brain hurt […]


Yesterday my school went up into the mountains for a silent retreat. We spent 2 hrs yesterday and 4 hrs this morning in silence and solitude with the Lord. It was a challenging, amazing change of pace from the business of day to day life – even though I found it easy to be silent […]


“The language of the kingdom of darkness is complaint; the language of the Kingdom of God is THANKSGIVING.” This is one of the key points that stood out to me during our teaching this week. “Grab a blank piece of paper, and for the next 4 minutes write down things you’re thankful for without stopping,” […]

Scripturally Sound Worship

This week we had teaching on “Biblical Foundations of Worship”. We got an awesome assignment opportunity to engage with the Spirit in the Word. There is no deadline and I’m currently working on this during my quiet times, and I figured I’d share it for those of you needing a neat idea for your quiet […]

Hey everyone! This will be a brief post… Today my friend and I took the bus to church and The Lord opened the door for conversation with the bus driver Rance. We got to share about God which was awesome. He is so spiritually hungry and I’m amped that God is pursuing Him. I would […]

Back to Basics

In addition to writing book reports, during the School of Worship each student is required to write 4 songs, with concrete chords and lyrics – this is going to be a challenge for me and a huge step up from the dabbling I have been doing on keys. In light of the fact that our […]