Back to Basics

In addition to writing book reports, during the School of Worship each student is required to write 4 songs, with concrete chords and lyrics – this is going to be a challenge for me and a huge step up from the dabbling I have been doing on keys.

In light of the fact that our first song is due in 2 weeks, this morning during quiet time I waited expectantly, hoping for some divine songwriting inspiration to hit me like a lightning bolt. I was disappointed when I nothing seemed to happen.

I continued my day with this deadline looming over me, figuring I better get a start on this song thing asap. So, this evening I found myself asking good ole’ google for some “inspiration for songwriting”.

Then I closed my laptop, as I felt a pull from the Lord to draw near to Him. I can’t shake the feeling that the level of my worship/songwriting is directly related to the time I spend with Him, that my songs are to flow from this place of intimacy with Him.

I must get to know the One I worship better, that I may reach new depths and heights as I worship Him – for how can you worship what you do not know?

It’s funny, I learnt the YWAM motto 5 years ago as a student… “To know God and make Him known.” And today, I’m being reminded to take it back to that basic, to get to know Him, that I may make Him known thru worship, proclaiming who He is and what He’s done.


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