“The language of the kingdom of darkness is complaint; the language of the Kingdom of God is THANKSGIVING.”

This is one of the key points that stood out to me during our teaching this week. “Grab a blank piece of paper, and for the next 4 minutes write down things you’re thankful for without stopping,” Mary Jean challenged us. Thanksgiving is a great way to change your perspective and really helps draw us into a place of worship. It was cool to see how the things I listed grew more intimate as I got further into my list – I started off with basic things like “starbucks, sunshine, clothing…” and later on moved to “that I am His favourite, that He sees me, that I can speak to Him anytime…” which was really neat. Thanksgiving helps us draw near to Him. I thought it was a neat exercise so wanted to issue the challenge to you!

Bonus challenge: (I haven’t done this one yet but will in the near future) You can do this one with family, roomies, church family, etc…post a large piece of paper in a central location (for me it’ll be bedroom, it may be church foyer, kitchen, lounge, etc…) with a writing utensil nearby and each time you enter the room write down something you’re grateful for.




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