Like a Dandelion


“You just can’t keep a dandelion down…if you’ve got your determination and roots planted deep you can find a way to keep growing.”

Today, like most days, I went for a walk and took some pictures – it’s so amazing how vast creation is – I can walk a familiar route and God still reveals new treasures to me, that He placed there just for me to enjoy, because that’s what a good God we have. 

When people ask how the School of Worship is going, the one word I think best describes it is CHALLENGING. And I say it with a smile because I know that in it the Lord is teaching me a lot, so even though it can be hard it’s wonderful at the same time. One of the most challenging things is receiving constructive criticism well. Worship is about the heart and that is definitely the focus of this school, but it is also geared towards musicians and so we are constantly pushed and pulled and stretched in order to help us grow. 

One (musical) area I’m wanting to develop this season is vocals. The other week my small group leader took some time to run me thru some vocal drills to help me develop my voice. When someone poked their head in and unintentionally said something not so nice about my voice I was crushed and tempted to never sing again. But I laid it down to the Lord and woke up the next morning upbeat – I figured if I had indeed hit the bottom of the vocal skill ladder then the I could only improve from there, so I keep trying…

Yesterday we had to present our first song we wrote to our class. As a microphone was being shoved into my face I automatically leaned back, but my classmates were very encouraging and I did it and it was fine – it was far from perfect performance wise but that’s okay, we’re learning about the importance of communicating over performance and I got the point across.

And you know something? Today I led practise for my worship team, on keyboard and singing into a microphone for an hour, and it was way easier and I know that it will continue to get better the more I practise. I was given a lot of constructive criticism today which is great because I do want to become a better musician, but at the same time my insecure human self felt a tad discouraged because I like to do things well.

Anyway, when I found the dandelion I just felt the Lord really encouraging me is this area of musical development.

Here’s a great article I read that better expands on the quote at the top:




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