Revelation > Information

“There is a difference between information and revelation. No matter how much information you get, if it never turns into revelation it’s not going to do you a whole lot of good.”

Last night I sorted through and organized my notes from this season. Notes are not a bad thing – I personally love to take lots of notes in class for a few reasons – first, because it helps me focus, and second, because as I plan on helping with a School of Worship at my “home base” in New Zealand next year I want to have notes to look back on to inspire me as I help with the school. 

So while notes in and of themselves are not bad, revelation is way more important than information. After all, information sitting on a page is simply information – not of much use sitting in a giant notebook full of words collecting dust in a box full of belonging that you rarely go through. It’s been reiterated this season, and something I’ve realized the last few years. Having been in YWAM for the last few years staffing a few schools I acquired a lot of notes, thinking they would be great to look back on, and later realized that those notebooks ended up sitting in a box in Canada untouched for years while I was in New Zealand. I have actually since then tossed some of those notebooks.

I love what one of our speakers said, “I’m not so concerned if you don’t get the information I’m giving you, I’m more concerned about whether or not you grasp what the Holy Spirit is trying to teach you.” And I trust that the Holy Spirit will bring back those things when you need them, whether you have your notes on hand or not.

I was especially inspired after one of our staff shared last week during reflection time, that during one YWAM school he did he picked 1 or 2 things that resonated with Him each week and put those in His personal journal instead of being overwhelmed by a mountain of notes, and so I followed suit – whilst I have kept all my notes, only a few gems have made it into my personal journal to be looked at regularly. Being long overdue for a blog post, I figured I should share some things that have stood out to me – perhaps some of these will resonate with you, at the very lease it allows you to glimpse into my life and the season I’m in. These are not necessarily related and are in no particular order:

  • there is only one way to improve at something – to do it
  • Words are powerful – God SPOKE life into existence
  • discipleship happens in the context of community
  • always use the Word
  • if I don’t walk in love, even if my words are accurate people will cease to listen
  • everyone is at a different place in their journey – just because someone doesn’t have his/her hands raised and eyes closed doesn’t mean he/she is not being touched by the Lord.

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