The 90/10 Rule



I love fried pickles, especially dipped in ranch, so today when I saw some at the fair I decided to treat myself. I wanted to post this to show you guys that there is flexibility within clean eating, at least in my opinion. I eat mostly healthy not as punishment but because I physically feel heaps better when I do, but sometimes, a girl just needs a slab of cheesecake or some fried pickles, can I get an amen? 😀 I aim to eat clean 90% of the time – people have different definitions of clean, but pretty much it’s food that you can pronounce and you know where it came from. My “clean” that I’ve found to be the best for myself is adhering to a vegetarian (mostly vegan) diet, and avoiding refined sugar and white flour. The other 10% of the time if I want a piece of cheesecake, I’ll eat a piece of cheesecake, etc and ENJOY IT. No guilt whatsoever. After all, the occasional piece of cheesecake or fried pickle is not what caused the obesity epidemic and the many other diseases and ailments floating around, what causes that is people eating junk all the time.

Now, I’m not saying you must be sure to include “cheesecake” or whatever it may be for you in your diet. Some of you may not crave it. But I just wanted to encourage you that if you want the occasional “cheat”, it’s okay to eat it and enjoy it – and it’s actually good for your metabolism.

I was researching views on the 90/10 rule and here’s and excerpt from Shane @….

A cheat is usually a higher sugar, higher fat meal which boosts your metabolic rate. The process of losing bodyweight, whatever the method, must obey the laws of thermodynamics, which state that calorie expenditure must be higher than calorie intake. Consuming fewer calories helps you lose weight initially, but eventually prevents you from continuing to lose weight.

Your cheat meal gives you a boost. It’s almost like a reset button for your metabolic rate.


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