“Pray for Snow”

“Above all the grace and the gifts that Christ gives to his beloved is that of overcoming self.”
― Francis of Assisi

“Pray for snow,” Stephen said to me a couple days ago. He is the Snowboarders DTS leader, so right now snow is on his mind, as without it this school cannot do one of the things they love to do most.

“Will do,” I replied automatically without thought – it seems like an appropriate response when being asked to pray for something. Now’s the point where a few things come into play – first, keeping my Word is important to me, so if I tell someone I will pray, I will. Also, the bigger thing is that God is teaching me to love others well.

“I legitimately want you to pray for snow,” God urged me. So, I told Stephen that, although I didn’t want snow, I would pray for snow, because I love the snowboarders.

Now, though I grew up in Canadian winters I’m actually a total wimp when it comes to snow and would be okay with never seeing it again. Nonetheless, I stuck to my word.

Walking outside into the slush/snow the next morning, I sighed and muttered, “God, why did you have to answer my prayer? I’m never praying for snow again.”

“Oh yes, you are.” God replied. God’s got a real sense of humour.

Understanding hit me like a ton of bricks the last few days, of the importance of selflessness and how it plays a major role in loving others well. You see, though I didn’t want snow at all, others of my family did. A lot of the time loving others well means being willing to set aside your desires for a second to support them. Loving others well means taking up the things on their hearts. My family here wanted snow. I set aside my distaste for snow and prayed for snow, because the things that are precious to my family, need to be on my heart as well – not necessarily in the sense that I need to be amped on snow like the snowboarders, but I need to at least be willing to back them up in prayer in these areas, and hold my tongue when it snows, and choose positivity…”I’m happy for you guys that it snowed.”

I’m in a season right now where if I scrunch my nose at something, God challenges me in it. It is challenging, but also amazing because selflessness breaks barriers and is part of godly relationships.


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