Mission: Overhaul


Grace (my partner in crime in the kitchen) and I have been keeping busy in the kitchen lately. It is cool how God arranged for 2 of us to be in there, as it frees us up to run the kitchen really well rather than just focussing on feeding people. I’ve been mores taking the reins on the cooking front to free up Grace to clean the stock rooms and take inventory. Our heart is to set up the kitchen well so that it doesn’t get into this place again. This will also help me out a lot when Grace leaves and I take over the kitchen come November. We are leaving our legacy. We have no idea when this was last done – unfortunately in the past there have been a lot of short term staff or only 1 cook, so tasks like these get, well, neglected.

In the physical realm it’s great to have an overview of what we have as one thing on our hearts is to use our resources well, which can be challenging as we inherited some ingredients that neither of us would choose to use of ourselves. For example, ever heard of canned asparagus? I had no idea such a thing existed until a few weeks ago. I don’t like it, but I am choosing to thank God for the provisions we inherited and pray like nobody’s business for creativity in using said provisions. “Don’t judge,” I told Grace earlier this week, nose scrunched, as I juggled canned asparagus in one arm and the food processor in the other – for the record, it is actually quite easy to sneak asparagus puree into a lot of things – it has made appearances in shepherds pie, stew, baked beans, and beef/rice casserole, to name a few. Nobody saw it coming :p.

Even more amazing than the physical shifting has been in the midst of the spiritual atmosphere changing – Grace and I have been talking a lot this week about how physically removing this “junk” is like breaking off old spiritual strongholds and creating space for the new things the Lord wants to do. Decluttering is so freeing!

When we’re blocked by too much *stuff* we get stuck. Ideas and visions remain wishful and theoretical. We can’t see a clear path to what we want. We may not even be able to clearly define what we want, let alone go after it. Decluttering—cleaning up our act physically, mentally, and emotionally—frees us from those stuck places and helps us get into action…



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