Rambles on epic things

Today is a stellar day, one of those days where I woke up before my alarm and therefore got to spend some extra time in the Word this morning. I am not a morning person, but these moments are beautiful – the ones where I take my mismatched pajama clad bedheaded self and crawl into God’s lap half awake, these are precious moments to me. God is so worth getting up for.

We had a few minutes to spare at the end of our staff meeting this morning and took time to pray for each other. My friend asked if I had any specific requests, and I simply shook my head. “My life is stellar.” I smiled, feeling the thick tangible presence of God in the room, closer than the skin on my bones.

Yesterday I was talking about blogging to a student here, and she encouraged me to update my blog when I mentioned it had been awhile. And so, I find myself reflecting in a spare window of time this morning, after realizing it’s been a month and a half since my last update. Writing is one of those things I keep putting off because there’s so much epicness in my life that I just don’t know where to start, and my perfectionist tendency wants to have a super eloquently worded post.

But something I’ve realized is that I am not one of those people that has it all together, or is good at faking it. No, I am actually kinda awkward and good at acknowledging it and embracing it. I honestly love how God made me.

So here I am reflecting, and after trying to figure out where to start I felt God whisper “Just start typing.” And so here we are, in the thick of my rambles, because let’s face it, God is epic, and epicness needs to be shared, eloquently or not. Here’s some epic things going on in my life this season:

  • I went to a Prophetic Worship School for a week. I was blessed to take a week off from cooking and have expenses paid for my base and just got to rest and receive. God continues to reveal His heart to me and affirm the creative giftings placed within.
  • I am 3 weeks in to a 9 month Bible Core Course I am doing online. It is challenging me in a fantastic way and I am excited to see the fruit that comes out of it.
  • Forming deeper relationships with staff / students.
  • I am now managing the kitchen, overseeing feeding 70 people. It’s a challenging job which I love because it forces me to lean into God for strength. I keep telling people that the key to life, is to simply walk in the grace that God gives us for each season. God continues to impart creativity in using resources (yesterday we made seaweed cookies :D) and teach me more in areas of organization, administration, patience, humility, relationships, etc. I love running the kitchen and creating a fun, welcoming atmosphere. This week I was praying about my vision for the kitchen and I want it to be a place where people come not only to receive physical nourishment, but also spiritual, and so wanting a name that declared that over this space I named it “The Grove”. My friend Kya and I also came up with names for a few different areas of the kitchen and are making it all official with signs and such. Managing a kitchen is one of those jobs that could wear me thin really fast if I let it, but I am choosing to walk in the opposite Spirit. Each day I wake up and choose joy and choose to do what I can to show people slices of heaven here on earth.
  • God is teaching me to sing – I started singing about 5 months ago on my School of Worship, and have continued to get words about an anointing on my voice. I have a fairly low range compared to most women which I love as it’s part of what makes my voice unique. However, God has been increasing my range as well – the other day I led worship and sung a song in the key of C that I normally sing in A. I have fun practising different songs and sliding the capo higher and higher to find the highest place I can sing the song at. God is also teaching me harmonies – I was never able to find harmonies but if someone taught me them I could memorize them. But all of a sudden someone will be singing and I can just find a harmony. Isn’t God so cool? Singing is one of my most favourite things.

I’m sure more lists will come in the future, but for now, I best be off to The Grove. In sum, God is epic. The end.


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