When Heaven Touches Earth – Kitchen Stories

I was thinking the other day about the cool things God has been doing in the kitchen lately and felt inspired to share a mishmosh of stories with you…

My friend Cesar was baking and asked if I had lemon essence. “No, but I’ll just ask God to put some in this and it will be fine.” So Cesar carried on and 5 minutes later went to the pantry for something else and returned with lemon essence that had appeared out of nowhere.

One of the staff here is allergic to yeast and I hadn’t yet found any yeast-free bread so she was making her own, and then last week 2 loaves just appeared in my food order that gets delivered each week, without me ordering them.

I was baking with a student here and she accidentally put in triple the amount of baking soda and baking powder that the recipe called for – 2 ingredients that you want to make sure you measure correctly. I got her to scrape as much as possible off the surface of the batter and then asked God how much more we should add, added that, and then prayed over the muffins, and they turned out perfect! It was even funnier because she is really new to baking and her muffins worked and the recipe I was working on completely flopped – power of prayer is so crazy.

Every Wednesday I go to a town half an hour away to pick up produce and bread, and every time, without fail, I get stuck behind a large, slow truck and cannot pass for what seems like an eternity because there’s too much oncoming traffic. This last week when it happened AGAIN, all I could do was laugh. “Okay God, I get it, you’re reminding me to slow down.”

God has been imparting greater creativity and a love for baking – this last week I made chocolate beetroot cupcakes and chocolate mashed potato cupcakes and both turned out well.

I love that God is so present in the kitchen and love seeing how it attracts people into my workspace – every Monday afternoon I have around 5 students in there for work duties helping me out. My goal is that people leave the kitchen better than they came in and it makes me so excited when people love to come back. On Monday something out the window caught my eye and one of the students that had helped me out a few weeks ago was jumping up and down waving his arms to get my attention. “Once I’m done my work duty I’m coming in to help you,” he said. Apparently it’s alot of people’s favourite work duty, and while the fact that there’s usually fresh baked goods at the end definitely helps, I definitely think it’s because God has really clothed this space with his presence. It’s funny too because usually if students finish other work duties early they get sent to the kitchen because there’s always something to do there and managing a large amount of people in there doesn’t stress me out, so this week I ended up with about 15 – 20 people in there by the end of work duties and it was so fun!

(okay, this last one isn’t kitchen based, but it’s awesome so I’m slipping it in)

We had a worship time here on base and saw someone’s bum knee get healed instantly – he hobbled in on crutches and skipped out 😀

Isn’t God good?!


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