Christmas in Canada

I’ve spent the last 4 weeks back in Canada, and with 1 week left to go and 0 blog posts written in that time I figured one might be in order. I am still digesting, but here’s some pictures – not nearly enough to capture all this month has held, but nonetheless, a glimpse into my life…

My mom’s the best – though already having a busy schedule she took time to make sure to add a special touch to my room for me.

My heart was to not only rest but to spend this time at home on the lookout for ways to serve and bless others – It turns out I cannot wrap presents nicely if my life depends on it.

Going back in time always throws me for a loop – I spend the first week struggling to get onto Manitoba time and had no appetite during mealtimes but would wake up in the night absolutely ravenous.

I met my cutie – patootie nephew who is now almost 4 months old, Blake Daniel.

In the spirit of being willing to serve, I donned my trusty bandana and this oh-so-attractive face…

And scrubbed both bathrooms from floor to ceiling – my family is not big on words but they work hard, so I figured I could bless them through practical action.


And then I baked them a cake. This was also a blessing for me because when I cook for 70 people I don’t often have time to bake and it’s actually something I enjoy.


I hung with my little sister Sam – she too loves music and it was so fun to come home and sing together – I remember awhile back she was trying to harmonize to me and I kept getting swept up, so she was intrigued to see that I came home not only being able to stay on melody but also being able to harmonize – thanks God!


Another one of my favourite boys, I spent lots of time hanging out with my 2.5 year old nephew Dylan – he started talking alot more when I left and is actually able to say my name and string together sort of sentences. I spent the night at my sisters a few times and this one time I walked into her house and my nephew went “Becky!!!!!!” and came running to the door, it really meant alot to me. And I actually slept in his bed and he slept in his crib and I snuck out early the next morning for work, and my sister later told me that the first thing she heard on the monitor in the morning was “Be-cky….Be-cky…” my nephew calling me because he didn’t understand where I was. I am trying to teach him to say “New Zealand” and “airplane” and all types of mandatory vocabulary that are useful when you have a missionary auntie.


These are my little siblings – from left to right Amber (21) , Sam (22), and Dj (20). Being so close in age we grew up pretty close and it was awesome to spend time hanging out with them – aren’t they so gorgeous? Baby bro is evening smiling, a rarity 😀


There is nothing quite like holding my warm, snuggly Blake. Every time he’s around I’m like “give me the baby” , arguing that I should have priority because I’m only around 1 month out of the year.


I went with my family to the Christmas Program at my parents church (the church I grew up in). Even after we finished Sunday School attending this each year is tradition.

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I basked in the prairie sunsets – sunsets are one the big arrows in my life that point me to God.


I oohed and awed – babies are so miraculous to me – another arrow pointing me to God.


There was this one day where it was super blustery and inhumanely cold outside, and my drive home from work was super magical – the light off the snow, and a glimpse of an unexpected rainbow.


My sisters live in the city going to University, but we hung out pretty much every weekend they were home – we love our movie nights!


Dylans first selfie #proudauntiemoment



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