Sometimes people ask me that when I say I work with YWAM, and I’ve been reminded that alot of you lovelies that read this really don’t know much about this amazing organization I work with, and that perhaps it would be good to give you little fun facts from time to time.

For starters, you should know that YWAM stands for “Youth With a Mission”. It is a wordlwide organization and whilst there are many different branches and ministries of this organization, our motto sums up what we are about pretty well, “to know God and make Him known”. We run schools that teach people about God and then send them out to the nations to teach the rest of the world about God.

This month is staff training as we’ve got 2 schools kicking off at the end of February. Whilst I’m not staffing a school, I still was given opportunity to spend less time in the kitchen this month and take part in staff training, which I love – I have been apart of alot of different staff trainings in the last few years I’ve been here, and I love it because it’s a great way to get to know new staff coming in and form unity between us, and I love continuously learning and sharpening.

One thing we brushed up on this week our 18 Foundational Values, and I had this (brilliant :p) idea to share them with you from time to time in smaller bits.

On the menu today? Exhibit Servant Leadership…

YWAM is called to servant leadership as a lifestyle, rather than a leadership hierarchy. A servant leader is one who honors the gifts and callings of those under his/her care and guards their rights and privileges. Just as Jesus served His disciples, we stress the importance of those with leadership responsibilities serving those whom they lead.

Even though it’s the weekend, food doesn’t cook itself and bathrooms don’t clean themselves (if only, right :D) so us staff have the opportunity to reflect Jesus practically – so this morning, I donned my meanest “this dirty bathroom ain’t no match for me” face and went to work.



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