Worship, Prayer, Fun

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… (*drumroll please*)…another YWAM value:

{Practice Worship & Intercessory Prayer}

Side note – I hadn’t heard the term “intercession” until I got involved with YWAM, so for those who grew up like me, to intercede means “to act in behalf of someone in difficulty or trouble, as by pleading or petition.” Now that we’re all tracking… 

YWAM is dedicated to worship Jesus and engage in intercessory prayer as integral aspects of daily life. We also recognize the intent of Satan to destroy the work of God and we call upon God’s power and the Holy Spirit to overcome his strategies in the lives of individuals and in the affairs of nations.

At the Oxford base, every Monday morning the entire base gathers to worship together, and every Thursday morning we gather to intercede together – mind you, these are the “official times” – there is heaps of unplanned, spontaneous worship / intercession going on throughout the week, both on and off base.


(Excuse the tiny picture, unfortunately I was unable to take a photo myself as I am leading worship here (way at the back of the photo, it’s hard too see)

This past weekend, a bunch of us staff loaded into our trusty van – FIELD TRIP! – ahem… and headed into Christchurch to take place in a 24 hour worship and prayer event that friends of ours were part of organizing. Numerous churches in the area gathered together to worship the Lord and pray for this city – many of you probably heard about the earthquakes in this areathat tore the city to bits. I was present for that earthquake and have been in New Zealand for much of the time since, and it has been so cool to see God moving the last few years. Sunday is actually the 4 year anniversary since it happened, and these people really bonded together and God is totally redeeming this city – His Kingdom is coming! It’s so epic.

Myself and 2 other staff got to lead a 2 hour worship set, and others served by talking to others / praying with others, greeting at the door, praying for the city, etc. It was so fun – after our set I bounded down the steps to meet everyone and head out, grinning from ear to ear. “Guys, this is was I was made for!!!” I exclaimed. It’s so cool that whilst serving God I get to do what I love to do – Abba is so good to me.

A couple days ago we had base intercession, and having gotten up 2 hours before so I could squeeze in a workout, quiet time, and breakfast, I was jumping at the bit by the time I showed up at 9 am for intercession, absolutely jazzed. We got to pray for the teams that are currently wrapping up outreach, and I was having so much fun. “Guys, isn’t this the best day every?!!!” It was 9:05 am, and they were a bit confused because it kinda sorta just started, but God makes me hyper sometimes. Anyway, we prayed and all the while I’m just having a hayday praying and making side comments and joking around with the group I’m in, and one thing that hit me that day is that I’m so grateful that we are allowed to have fun while we pray. I can’t imaging serving a God that required we sit up straight, stoic-faced, hands politely folded when praying – so not like me. I’m the one scribbling across the page when I get this epic word, flailing my hands about, and praying things like “God, make every day for this team magical, but in a Jesus sort of way.” And to be honest, I think God digs it. Don’t you just love Him? 😀


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