On Cake and Grace (recipe included)

As kitchen manager, I am in charge of birthday cakes for this quarter – sometimes I make them myself, and sometimes a student that’s been sent to the kitchen for work duties does it, or my best friend Kya who also happens to be my assistant 3 days / week. Sometimes there’s 4 people that […]

Trusting God in the mundane

I sat down to eat dinner one night last week after cooking all afternoon, and noticed that, whilst I had taken a hurried minute to wash up before sitting – a much welcome moment at the end of my work day, my right arm bared chocolate markings from frosting a birthday cake earlier that afternoon. I […]

Because God

This week, on top of the 65 people I already cook for here, an influx of staff and students have joined us for 2 weeks of debrief after wrapping up their outreaches. The last few days I have been overseeing the cooking for 125 people and also making copious amounts of extravagant cake for a […]