Trusting God in the mundane

I sat down to eat dinner one night last week after cooking all afternoon, and noticed that, whilst I had taken a hurried minute to wash up before sitting – a much welcome moment at the end of my work day, my right arm bared chocolate markings from frosting a birthday cake earlier that afternoon.

I tucked right into my meal, chocolate markings and all, for this is a normal part of my life. Though the title “chef” sounds really cool to some, the job itself is not that glamorous, and most days I fail to escape without being marked by food – be it chocolate frosting, berry sauce, or chicken juice finding it’s way thru my crocs onto my toes.

I will never finish my work, for our bodies were designed to need food to function, therefore the community I am surrounded by needs feeding. Sometimes people comment about how frustrating it must be, that my job is one where it’s hard to just take time off because I can’t really “catch up on work later” and having to work right up until dinner every day when office staff are off at 5.

Sure, there are moments where I would love the flexibility to be able to go for a coffee / do an airport drop off / etc, but for the most part I really don’t mind.

This past week my base leader released me from the kitchen a few mornings to sit in on lectures. The last day I sat in the speaker asked this question that really resonated with me:

What if God wants to use you in a “spectacular” way for just 5 minutes, and the rest of your life calls you to something ordinary?

Being in a season where I have a nonglamorous, moreso behind-the-scenes job this really made me think. When I arrived back on base at the end of June, there was help needed in the kitchen, so that is where I went, all the while knowing that I was there to staff the School of Worship come May. Whilst I have for the most part enjoyed working in the kitchen, I was also looking forward to moving on to staff the School of Worship. Right now we don’t have any students, but have more interest should it run in September, so we are in a place where we are seeking the Lord and having to make tough decisions on whether or not the school can run in the near future or if it needs to be pushed back again.

Of course, if it gets pushed back, it’s likely I’ll stay in the kitchen for a bit longer than expected. And so it was cool to be asked this question, to get me thinking about where my trust level is at in God in amongst all this (which is cool because I felt like God wanted to teach me to trust Him more this year), even when I don’t understand and can’t always see the impact I have.

The topic this week was Father Heart, and the speaker was talking about how Abraham laid down Isaac on the altar in Genesis 22, Isaac wasn’t kicking and screaming and protesting. (I actually opened my Bible to double check, because this sounded ridiculous to me – but it’s true.) And just how much when you have the heart of a son, you trust that your Father is good, even if you don’t understand and / or agree with their decisions. I’ve read Genesis alot, and I had never paid this close of attention to whether or not Isaac spoke, needless to say my mind was blown.

This weekend the staff in charge of cooking came up to me and mentioned that way less people had showed up for a meal than we expected, so she was understandably a bit frustrated having put in time to cook more food than ended up being necessary. “How do you do it?” She asked me.

I found this great quote yesterday:

“Anybody can serve. You only need a heart full of grace; a soul generated by love.”

One of my most fervent prayers is for grace as I work in the kitchen, I think that is why, though I am, until further notice, in a not-so-flexible job that revolved around serving others day in and day out, it is not killing me, and I am actually rather enjoying it and trusting that God has a much much greater purpose than I know.

And so, I will leave you with the question that generated this post:

What if God wants to use you in a “spectacular” way for just 5 minutes, and the rest of your life calls you to something ordinary?


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