On Cake and Grace (recipe included)


As kitchen manager, I am in charge of birthday cakes for this quarter – sometimes I make them myself, and sometimes a student that’s been sent to the kitchen for work duties does it, or my best friend Kya who also happens to be my assistant 3 days / week. Sometimes there’s 4 people that have partaken in the makings of 1 cake – and I’m of the opinion that the more people that partake of cooking / baking something, the better it tastes.

There are heaps of birthdays this quarter, which is keeping me busy and also helping me grow as a baker – so far I’ve made chocolate ice cream cake, hot fudge cake, angel food cake (I had no idea you could make such from scratch until a few weeks ago), and chocolate peanut butter poke cake (which I had never tried until a few weeks ago…

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