Amped-Up Roast Potatoes

(sorry for the lack of a photo, the “add media” button is not cooperating today)

This meal happened last week when I neglected to plan a meal for Monday dinner whilst doing the menu plan for the week. How things like this happen I’m never quite sure, nonetheless it’s kind of fun for me when it does.

“Alright, God. What should we make today?” I prayed as I was walking thru the pantry and chiller to see what I had to work and hope inspiration hit. Dinner was in a few hours, 70 people were to be fed, and I still had no plan and was loving the spontaneity of this all. I know, I’m crazy.

First I thought of making something similar to Boerenkool, which is this Dutch dish with mashed potatoes and greens and sausage, but then I remembered that the mixer was broken (or so I thought) and that I can’t stand mashing potatoes by hand.

And I remembered that I really like roasting potatoes, and that I had a heap of pumpkin waiting for it’s 15 minutes of fame, and then all of a sudden this random combo was born. There are no measurements as I just kind of came up with it on the spot and I feel like it’s simple enough…

INGREDIENTS: potato (I used the ones with yellow skin), pumpkin, spinach, lentils, cloves, sage, salt, pepper, chicken, and bacon

I had a ton of helpers this afternoon which was awesome and made dinner come together real quick. We chopped the potatoes and pumpkins into roasting size, tossed them with olive oil and the seasonings, and then roasted them. Meanwhile I cooked up the meat. Once the roast veggies were done we tossed in the lentils and spinach, and after pulling some out for us vegheads added the meat. I’m told bacon and chicken are an amazing combo. I’ll just have to trust everyone’s opinion on that lol. Anyway, I popped in back into the oven on a low heat to keep warm and aid the spinach in wilting in nicely, and served it with a side of broccoli / peas / carrots. It would go nicely with a salad also. I also topped it with sour cream for dinner, and then the next day had the genius idea to add salsa and cheese to it – both tasted excellent. This is a recipe with lots of space for creativity, so have some fun with it.



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