Sweet Potato Black Bean Burritos

I have just switched to the morning shift at work. Alongside the benefit of finishing my work day come early afternoon and having evenings and weekends off, comes the battle of a 6 am alarm. A hearty, healthy breakfast is really important to me, but so is sleep – no joke, yesterday it took me 4 […]

Pancake Par-tay!

Fun fact: I have a notebook of pancake recipes that I call “The Great Book of Pancakes”. I have yet to try most of the recipes, but I will definitely be adding this recipe to it. Though I have a major sweet tooth, I tend to lean towards the savoury side for breakfast, generally in […]

Morrocan Carrot Soup

I don’t often share youtube videos, but this one makes me laugh because I too, am not big on salad, which is surprising, because (a)I am a vegetarian and (b)I actually love vegetables. I just prefer them roasted. Or stirfried. Or blended into a creamy soup. Or anything that is not salad-esque at all. Anyway, […]

Hydration Smoothie

Lately it seems I’ve been putting more sugar and less nutrient rich foods into my body. Isn’t it strange how sometimes we eat so well and then all of a sudden we totally don’t? Anyway, I’m at this place today where I’m not super hungry as I don’t eat supper this early, but I’m heading […]

Carrot-Orange-Berrytastic Muffins

I’m pretty sure that somewhere long ago a wise man once said “mornings are for muffins”. Specifically, these muffins. Because with the addition of berries, oranges, and carrots they *practically* equal health food, right? If this post was a conversation with my sweet blue eyed boy, he would give me a skeptical look, to which […]