Hydration Smoothie

Lately it seems I’ve been putting more sugar and less nutrient rich foods into my body. Isn’t it strange how sometimes we eat so well and then all of a sudden we totally don’t?

Anyway, I’m at this place today where I’m not super hungry as I don’t eat supper this early, but I’m heading out in a bit so wanted to get something into my system. I’ll be honest, I headed into the kitchen intent on a coke, figuring a fizzy could tide me over for a few hours. And then I paused to check in with my body and realized, that I didn’t actually want a coke right now (the same thing happened last night, yay for small victories!), but I was really craving some fruit, in smoothie form.

Because it contains melon I find it super hydrating, hence the name. I kinda just came up with it on the spot based on what I had on hand. The great thing about smoothies is that the recipes are flexible.

Hydration Smoothie

a handful golden melon
a handful watermelon
a handful spinach
1/2 apple
~1 Tbsp raw honey
splash orange juice
water as needed to help with blending


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