Pancake Par-tay!


Fun fact: I have a notebook of pancake recipes that I call “The Great Book of Pancakes”. I have yet to try most of the recipes, but I will definitely be adding this recipe to it.

Though I have a major sweet tooth, I tend to lean towards the savoury side for breakfast, generally in the form of egg on toast, and if there’s sweet involved it’s in the form of a bit of fruit on the side or in smoothie form. But somedays, a girl just needs some pancakes.

Particularly after a long, full week last week. Thursday night I was talking about how I wanted pancakes to my sweet blue eyed boy, but alas, in light of his wheat allergy that idea was quickly nicked (but he did make me a scrumptious omelette when I said I was tired and hungry and had no energy to cook and could he please feed me – clearly I got the right guy :D). Anyway, the next morning THIS RECIPE was at the top of my pinterest feed and I promptly whipped up some pancakes for myself.

Now, you should know, pancakes is something I lack skill in making, so when a recipe works for me, you know it’s a keeper. All credit goes to Mellisa from Mom Luck for this recipe, so I’ll leave you here to head to her blog and make these pancakes .


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