Purple Power Smoothie

I am currently sporting purple nail polish – well, what remains of my polish job a few days ago – anyone else feel like nail polish is a finnicky beast out to get them? I’ve been trying to stay on top of mine lately – I work in customer service and I feel like it […]

Make a change – small, that is

“Small changes consistently applied…” “The best workout is the one you’ll actually do.” I saw these phrase in an online forum the other day, someone was sharing their story of how the small changes they’ve made have helped them become healthier. Basically the idea is that small changes are much more realistic and therefore you’re […]

Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

Last week I walked into the grocery store to find cauliflower featured on sale – and the first thing I thought of was Cauliflower Mac & Cheese (#chefbrain, am I right? :p), particularly THIS RECIPE featured on the show “My Diet Is Better Than Yours”. Anyone else seen it? I blitzed through the season in a […]