Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

Last week I walked into the grocery store to find cauliflower featured on sale – and the first thing I thought of was Cauliflower Mac & Cheese (#chefbrain, am I right? :p), particularly THIS RECIPE featured on the show “My Diet Is Better Than Yours”. Anyone else seen it? I blitzed through the season in a few days, much to my dismay.

Anyway, I can no longer stomach boxed Kraft Dinner, and have been trying to eat healthier and especially incorporate more veggies into my life, but also still like a nice helping of carbs and melty cheesy goodness. Enter Cauliflower Mac & Cheese.

I’ll warn you, it’s pretty bland looking, but if you can get past that you will find it tastes delicious. It doesn’t exactly replicate tradition Mac & Cheese, in fact I personally didn’t find it all that “cheesy”, so if you like a strong cheese flavour I’d add more than the recipe calls for. However it was still amazing – turns out blending cauliflower with a touch of milk and cheese creates a delicious “creamy” sauce.

I have made the recipe twice, and have only made minor tweaks so note my tweaks below and send you over to the Dawn’s blog, creator of the Superfood Swap diet and THIS RECIPE. 

My tweaks:

  • the first time I made it I also sauteed a bit of onion and banana peppers and through it in with the sauce
  • the second time I added fresh parsley to the sauce and served it over rice instead of pasta.

Enjoy lovelies!




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