Make a change – small, that is

“Small changes consistently applied…”

“The best workout is the one you’ll actually do.”

I saw these phrase in an online forum the other day, someone was sharing their story of how the small changes they’ve made have helped them become healthier.

Basically the idea is that small changes are much more realistic and therefore you’re much more likely to actually maintain them – whereas too many changes or too big of a change can lead to you feeling overwhelmed and giving up.

What’s realistic and manageable can change from season to season too. For example, last year I completed P90x. Some of you may know it’s fairly intensive – I was working out 6 days a week for 1 – 1.5 hrs each time. And I loved it. But now I am in a different season, and lately my workouts are 30-40 minutes 5 times a week. And I’m enjoying this, and it is what is realistic and attainable for me right now.

A few weeks ago I started working with a personal trainer online (Converge Fit) and it’s been great. Before we even started training we skyped so he could get to know a bit about me, what kind of workout equipment I have available, if there’s exercises I don’t like (ie: I’m not keen on biking so it’s not in my workouts), how I generally eat, and then figure out a realistic plan from there that fits into my lifestyle.

From there my trainer created a a strength training plan for me and we set goals for the month – the first to make it to the gym 3 times a week for strength trainining (with optional cardio on days off, and the second to eat mindfully and stop at 80% full.

And basically, I’m crushing it. During my last email check in I could only rave about how these changes haven’t felt like a chore, that they’ve been easy and I’ve been on track for the most part, and in turn I’m gaining momentum and staying motivated and continuing to show up, and how because I feel so good it’s in turn making me want to go the extra mile with cardio on days off, putting in effort to eat healthier, etc. Even though that was not the goal.

And it all started with a small change.

Ready for a (small) change? Here’s some ideas:

  • drink more water – I recommend carrying a water bottle with you
  • eat 1 less dessert / drink 1 less can soda (or whatever is a realistic number for you) per week
  • get off the bus a bit sooner and add a little walk into your day
  • park your car further away and walk a bit further
  • take the stairs
  • go to bed earlier. Sleep plays a huge role in our wellness.
  • aim to workout ____ times per week. If you aren’t exercising, maybe 1-2 times is realistic.
  • add more fruit / veggies into your life – this could mean making a smoothie in the morning, or even eating a small handful of baby carrots with your lunch
  • add 1 less spoonful of sugar to your coffee, cereal, etc.


What are some other small changes you’ve tried?


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