Workout Review – yoga for shoulders and back

Happy Monday lovelies 😀

Today’s post is a quick review of this video – a 45 minute yoga flow focused on the shoulder’s and upper back by the fabulous Brett Larkin – seriously, check out her channel guys. It’s chock full of a variety of videos with an emphasis on yoga.  I think this is the first of her yoga flows I’ve done but I’m sold. Some of her videos do incorporate some meditation so I will probably stay away from those as secular meditation is not really my jam. As a Christian I am still pro-yoga and believe our mats can be a great places to not only condition our physical bodies but also condition our hearts and encounter Jesus. Having said that, I approach secular classes with caution – when I meditate I want my focus and intention towards God, so for me personally I stay away from any guided meditations in secular yoga – having said that, I have been fortunate to attend many classes / watch youtube videos where it is simply a flow of physical postures without any weird meditation / chanting etc.

This video is one of those. Yesterday was somewhat nice outside so I set up camp on my porch and enjoyed this flow. One thing I really loved was that Brett suggested a blanket for under your knees – I used a towel and it really took the pressure off during certain postures. The flow ended with a quite lengthy shavasana which I didn’t lay out for – being still is still something I need to work out, but the rest of it I loved. The flow was really creative and fun, full of a bunch of spiral movements. I literally felt really stretched out, energized, limber, and inspired for the rest of the day. Enough said, check out this fab flow below lovelies!


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