Crockpot “Baked” Apples with Cinnamon

The weather has been gorgeously sunny this week, which has led to many yoga sessions on the porch in addition to my normal workouts, which has led to me feeling fabulous, which has led to me wanting to eat healthier in order to continue feeling fabulous. And so my stumbling across a giant bag of […]

One Bowl Chocolate Cake

Today my schedule was unexpectedly completely open, and the weather evoking spring in a wonderfully sunny day. Today was a day for me, to chill out and do things that I enjoy – yoga on the porch, enjoying a good book at Starbucks, a leisurely stroll to the grocery store (you read correctly, I actually […]

Power Toast

I’ve decided that anytime I make something that so completely and utterly hits the spot, I should throw “power” in front of it’s name. Haha jk, but doesn’t it just make you expect something great? And great this is… I’ve started doing some cleaning one night a week at a hot yoga studio nearby – they’ve […]