Power Toast

I’ve decided that anytime I make something that so completely and utterly hits the spot, I should throw “power” in front of it’s name. Haha jk, but doesn’t it just make you expect something great? And great this is…

I’ve started doing some cleaning one night a week at a hot yoga studio nearby – they’ve got this cool exchange where you help them out with the “grunt work” per se, in exchange for being able to attend yoga classes. So that is where I found myself last night, and I was able to attend a class on shift as well. For some reason at the end of a hot yoga class I’m always REALLY hungry – in a strange “I feel like I didn’t even eat today but I did…” sort of a way.

So this is the state I found myself in when I got home around 11 pm, well not only BEYOND hungry but of course too lazy to put in effort in the kitchen, and also wanting to keep noise to a minimum in consideration of anyone already in bed. So, #toasttotherescue :D. But seriously. And then being the #chefbrain that I am, my train of thought went something like so…peanut butter toast…(spots banana on counter) peanut butter + banana toast…cheese?…well peanut butter and cheese work…but will the banana work with the cheese?.. can’t go wrong with some fresh cracked pepper while we’re at it…

It was a don’t talk to me I’m eating, face buried in the plate type of a snack that I just had to share. I know it sounds weird but it’s delicious, trust me. Of course when your face is buried in the plate and you need food like YESTERDAY, no picture is in order.

Lemme know how you like the combo, or what some other interesting combos are that you like to eat. Enjoy lovelies.

Power Toast for 1

  • 1 pc toast
  • butter
  • peanut butter
  • 1/2 banana sliced
  • cheese (I used cheddar), slice enough to cover the piece of toast
  • fresh cracked pepper

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